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Timetable & learning outcomes

The current scientific, technical and economic issues facing the wine and sake industries will be delivered remotely by experts, who will also outline current research questions and new evolutions for these disciplines. Tutored work sessions will allow participants to develop research ideas for project proposals in their areas of expertise.

The program consists of 5 half-day sessions of distance training and covers a wide range of topics, including:

 Topic 1 - Introduction to oenology and sakeology, as well as the current challenges in the industry

 Topic 2 - Producing sake rice and wine grapes: frontiers of science, challenges and opportunities

› Topic 3 - Controlling microorganisms and fermentations: frontiers of science, challenges and opportunities

 Topic 4 - Quality, typicity and authenticity of sake and wine: frontiers of science, challenges and opportunities

 Topic 5 - Economics, distribution, sales: frontiers of science, challenges and opportunities

Tentative program

Please note: sessions will take place between 08.00 and 13.00 CEST each day. Some self-guided work may be required throughout the summer school.


September 6th


September 7th


September 8th


September 9th


September 10th

Welcome and introduction
Prof. Alain Blanchard, Prof. Patrick Lucas, Prof. Kazushi Suzuki

Topic 2 - Oenology
To be determined

Topic 3 - Oenology
Wine yeasts: present challenges
Dr. Philippe Marullo

Topic 4 - Oenology
To be determined

Topic 5 - Oenology
To be determined

Topic 1 - Oenology
Introduction to oenology
Prof. Philippe Darriet

Topic 2 - Sakeology
Raw materials of sake brewing (water/rice)
Prof. Dai Hirata, Dr. Takuji Miyamoto

Topic 3 - Oenology
Wine bacteria: present challenges
Prof. Patrick Lucas

Topic 4 - Sakeology
Nutrients and bioactive compounds in sake and sake lees
Dr. Yoshito Kakihara

Topic 5 - Sakeology
Economics, culture, and history of sake
Dr. Yuki Hata, Dr. Yasuyuki Kishi, Hideo Watanabe

Topic 1 - Sakeology
Introduction to sakeology
Prof. Kazushi Suzuki

Topic 2 - Sakeology
Sake rice
Prof. Toshiaki Mitsui

Topic 3 - Sakeology
Summary of sake brewing, controlling fermentation
Prof. Dai Hirata

Topic 4 - Sakeology
We are built on healthy cells
Dr. Mami Sato


Topic 1 - Sakeology
Outline of the Niigata Sake Brewing Association
Prof. Dai Hirata


Topic 3 - Sakeology
Microorganisms for sake brewing
Dr. Ikuhisa Nishida

Topic 4 - Sakeology
Alcohol consumption and diabetes mellitus
Dr. Masahiko Yamamoto

Tutored project presentations


Tutored session: working groups




Participant introductions and presentations & creation of tutored working groups

Tutored session: working groups

Tutored session: working groups

Virtual tasting session (sake and wine) and closing event

Expertise upon completion

This course is a unique opportunity for participants to acquire multidisciplinary skills in sakeology and oenology and to participate actively in scientific projects in order to meet the current challenges of the sake and wine industries.

A certificate of participation will be awarded to students upon completion of the course.

Program may be subject to change.