Université de Bordeaux

Practical information

N° participants: 20
› Language: classes are conducted in English.
› Location: classes take place at the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences of the University of Bordeaux.

› Participant profile: the course is designed for graduate and doctoral students, as well as scientists with solid expertise or specific interest in oenology and/or sakeology.
› Applications: to be completed online via our website. A CV and cover letter will be necessary.

› Participation fee: 500€ for University of Bordeaux and University of Niigata participants; 840€ for external participants, incl. VAT. Lodging, complete boarding (breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch, dinner), social program (opening cocktail, Gala dinner, visits) and transportation costs within Bordeaux will be covered for all participants from August 30th to September 4th. Travelling fees remain at the participants’ expense.
› Grants: a limited number of grants (participation and travel fees) will be awarded to participants upon request.

Please note: practical aspects of the summer school (maximum number of participants, location, format, etc.) may be modified to comply with sanitary regulations.