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Université de Bordeaux

Bordeaux Summer Schools

The Bordeaux Summer Schools are a unique opportunity to interact and learn from a diverse range of cultures, both in and out of lectures!

Multidisciplinary, international courses, taught 100% in English

Since 2012, the University of Bordeaux organizes summer schools that offer a range of high-quality, multidisciplinary international courses for graduate and doctoral students as well as young researchers.

In 2022, the Bordeaux Summer Schools program will take place between May and September. Courses will cover very different disciplines ranging from African studies to advanced materials to health sciences to oenology to neuroscience and more!

These courses are highly selective and target international talents. The Bordeaux Summer Schools program offers an enriching curricular experience with, depending on the discipline, a mixture of theoretical and practical training that demands a notable level of expertise and knowledge.

Research orientated course content

The Bordeaux Summer Schools benefit from strong input regarding format and scientific content from the University of Bordeaux Graduate Research School, a central structure that coordinates the doctoral schools and the entire field of doctoral studies. A large majority of the summer schools are organized in collaboration with internationally renowned laboratories and institutes that share their expertise and cutting-edge facilities with the students and researchers that come to Bordeaux over the summer.

For more information on research at the University of Bordeaux, please consult the dedicated webpage.